ad3pa18 | 2nd International Workshop on Advanced 3D Patterning
Making an impact!

Welcome to ad3pa

This is a new workshop organized in Dresden bringing together scientists and industry representatives with common interests in the growing field of high-resolution 3D patterning by combining both classical top-down lithography as well as alternative pattern formation methods like bottom-up self-organization concepts. We are also posting on a irregular basis information on advanced 3D patterning events we are involved in.


17|09|2018 To arouse your curiosity, we would like to announce a special contribution on the second day of the conference following the last talk. To address some other senses after two inspiring days of science and as a farewell, Mr. Dishant Sangani (TU Dresden) will perform live a surprising set at the Grand Piano. We hope you will join for this unique opportunity.


05|09|2018 In its 2018 version, in addition to the DFG funding ad3pa will be also supported by the following partners. There support is invaluable for the success of the workshop. Thank you so smuch for enabling this event!

14|08|2018 Welcome back after the summer break. Registration for ad3pa18 is now open. Please have a look at the prices and hotel arrangements. The detailed workshop program is now also online. We have received a DFG funding for this workshop and are still able to provide travel support for the limited slots being avalable in the program (oral / poster). Please contact us at for details. We are looking forward to seeing you in Dresden in upcoming October.

19|06|2018 We are still optimizing the workshop program for the best impact. However, an advanced program is already online. Stay tuned for more details coming soon. This year's workshop will be driven by latest work on

  • 3D surfaces: Establishing key technologies for original pattern fabrication.
  • Replication technologies: Setting-up high-volume multiplication of 3D surfaces.
  • High-resolution 3D/4D printing: Enabling next-generation applications.
  • Origami-MEMS and Soft-Robotics: Exploiting 2D forces for 3D movement.

21.03.2018 At these days, we are putting together the program for ad3pa18 - the 2nd International Workshop on Advanced 3D Patterning to be held in Dresden from 4th to 5th of October 2018. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.